Prevention: the poster child for anti-bullying efforts in America’s schools


By Tomás Monzón

“In school, I was bullied so much for being smart or just knowing answers … that I had to switch out [of] classes several times,” said Claudia Garcia, a 2011 graduate of South Miami Senior High in Miami who said she had been bullied since middle school. “Once the teacher sided with the students who were trying to make me help them cheat,” she added. Read the rest of this entry


The evolution of cyberbullying

By Nia Kennedy and Alexandria Smith

The following story takes a look at the evolution of cyberbullying over the past decade.

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Editorial: Living Through The Quint Quarrels

Nayirah A. Muhammad
Courtesy: Dow Jones/NBC Universal H.S. Multimedia Workshop

By Nayirah A. Muhammad

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, victims of long-term bullying often experience low self-esteem, difficulty in trusting others, a lack of assertiveness, aggression, difficulty in controlling anger, and isolation. Before I entered high school, I had encountered five separate incidences of in-school bullying. Each of these situations has demonstrated the impact of long-term bullying. It’s rare that I actually talk about my experiences with bullying. However, I do feel as if my stories need to be told to be an advocate for the voiceless. These are my stories. Read the rest of this entry

The American Bully


By: Jharquise Simmons

Throughout our lives many of us have seen or experienced bullying in action. reports that more than 5.7 million people are involved in bullying as the bully or the victim. We all have helped a bullying victim and seen the trials that they endure. But the question is when will it stop? The National Education Association found that approximately 160,000 students miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by their peers. Read the rest of this entry

Whitaker provides tips to avoid bullying in the workplace

Dr. Angela Whitaker

By Amber Sheats and Shantonia Herring

Angela Whitaker, aide to Mayor Pro Tempore Andrew D. Gillum and a counselor, provided tips to workshoppers about avoiding “Bullying in the Workplace” on June 28th at Florida A&M University. “Workplace bullying is the tendency of individuals or groups to use persistent, aggressive or unreasonable behavior against a co-worker,” she said.

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3 Southern states stick it to bullying

By Kennington Smith, Travis Milton, and Nayirah Muhammad 

   Anti-bullying legislation has been enacted in 49 states so far, with the exception of Montana. Students looked at legislation in three Southern states: Florida, Georgia and Alabama.



June 29, 2005, Debbie Johnston found her 15-year-old son Jeffrey’s lifeless body as it hung from his closet. She then found a note from her son telling the world he was committing suicide because his life had become too hard. Over the previous few years, Jeffrey was victim to vicious bullying that caused him to become depressed.

A tragedy such as this prompted Debbie Johnston and others to lobby Florida lawmakers to pass new legislation to protect Florida students from bullying and to prevent other suicides from happening. After an emotional three-year battle, the Florida Legislature passed the “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act” in May 2008. The act requires all school districts in Florida to adopt their own policies and procedures in dealing with acts of bullying within the schools. Read the rest of this entry

Tallahassee principal Rocky Hanna remembers being bullied

Rocky Hanna, Principal, Leon High School
Courtesy: Leon High School

By Shaqueria Howard

Rocky Hanna remembers being bullied as a student at Leon High School in the late 1970s and today he is principal of the same school. “There was a lot of physical abuse and name calling,” he said. “Black kids knew I wasn’t black…and white kids knew I wasn’t white…it was a living hell for me.”As a teen, Hanna said he was scared to go to the bathroom at times, and even went home with torn clothes after being physically abused by other students because of his Hispanic heritage. Read the rest of this entry

Editorial: Teasing, A Form of Bullying?

Jessica Bouyer
Courtesy: Dow Jones/NBC Universal H.S. Multimedia Workshop

By Jessica Bouyer

When you think of the term “bullying,” images of physical violence, public humiliation and destruction of property flash through our minds. Throughout the years, a new form of bullying has emerged called “teasing.” This came to be a surprise to many people because teasing is thought of as a playful or friendly interaction toward individuals. With repeated exposure teasing can be regarded as harassment or abuse. Read the rest of this entry

How Does Bullying Lead to Suicide?

Photo Courtesy:

By Inesha Carruth and Shaqueria Howard

People often use the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Some say this phrase is not true. It’s been suggested that words not only destroy people mentally, but destroys lives and sometimes ends them. Studies suggest those who are bullied are at a higher risk of committing suicide. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center defines suicide as “death by a self-inflicted injury under circumstances in which the individual intended or should have reasonably expected that this injury would result in his or her death.” Bullying is also defined as the “ongoing physical or emotional victimization of a person by another person or a group of people.” There are noticeable affects from bullying as well. Some of those affects include ongoing sadness, withdrawl from others, reckless behavior, rejecting to eat and lack of sleep. Read the rest of this entry